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                                                                                           Registration and Enrollment Info

Tuition and Fees:

 A Registration Fee of $50.00 is due at enrollment time. 

 Tuition rates for child care are weekly, current rates are:

 All-day 5-day $150.00; half-day 5-day $75.00; All-day 3-day $90.00; half-day 3-day $45.00; All-day 2-day $60.00; half-day 2-day $30.00

Preschool hours are 8:30 - 11:30 a.m. Tuition rates for preschool are weekly, current rates are:

2-day program $20.00; 3-day program $30.00; 5-day program $50.00

 All tuition is paid one week in advance.

  • Parents must sign preschool/childcare payment contract upon registration and when or if there are changes in care.
  • To register contact by phone or email to schedule a visit 563-324-8899 or [email protected]
  • You will receive a welcome packet along with other forms needed in your child's file

We accept the following funding sources: These sources can cover 10% - 100% of your childcare bill. If you need more information on any of these sources and how to apply for them please feel free to call 563-324-8899

  • Iowa DHS Childcare Contract                          1-866-448-4605
  • Promise Jobs Childcare Contract                       563-445-3212
  • Friendly House Childcare scholarships             talk to director to receive application
  • Failure to pay weekly tuition by Monday will result in a $5.00 a day late fee charge until bill is paid.  Non-payment will result in dismissal to allow those on the waiting list opportunity.
  • A fee of $15.00 is assessed for any returned check.
  • No adjustment of fees will be given for illness or if your child is taken on vacation. Our operational costs continue and we save a space for your child.